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Written in VB.NET 2005, this is an implementation of the Remote Assitance (HelpServices) APIs that give users single-click (almost) access to generating remote assistance tickets on a LAN or WAN connection.

Version 2 released 2008-01-22

Download here: Version 2

To Do:

For version 2.1

-Add "attach ticket to email message" feature implementing Net.SMTP
-Use .Net Remoting to make this code execute remotely on a target PC so it involves less clicks for the user.
This would make it infinitely more useful for system administrators.

Many thanks to Jonathan Malek for writing the original DotNetHelpServices wrapper class, which I ported to VB and expanded on for this project.

If you download the source code or the binaries for Version 2 and like what you see, send me an email <epitti [at gmail dot com>|].

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